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The PowerPoint Presentation


The not-so-powerful use of PowerPoint:

Dennis O’Reilly of CNET captured all of our distaste for the ineffective use of Microsoft's PowerPoint (December 11, 2011).
If I were president, I would propose legislation making misuse of Microsoft's PowerPoint presentation software a Class C misdemeanor. Read a slide; go to jail.

I would empower audience members to confiscate the presenter's hardware if they're shown any slide with more text than the average tweet, with dark-on-dark or light-on-light text, or with more elements than the Periodic Table. They would also be allowed to pull the plug whenever anything on the screen is illegible to anyone in the back row.

Microsoft's ubiquitous presentation program has been used and abused by everyone from elementary school students to Nobel scientists. PowerPoint has been around so long a whole industry has been created to help people learn and use it. (Links to several PowerPoint resources are provided below.)

Still audiences everywhere cringe at the prospect of sitting through another cavalcade of boring slides. Don't be that presenter. Do your audience a favor and follow these common-sense PowerPoint guidelines.”

Goal of this Page:
Who doesn't feel the same way? We hope that the following resources will provide students and teachers with clear direction when employing this very powerful information delivery system. While the content of linked sites often overlaps they collectively synthesize a solid set of best-practices when constructing an effective presentation using PowerPoint,

List of Resources:

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