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The Art of Effective Student Brochures:


What is the purpose of a brochure?
Students may think to themselves: "My teacher has assigned us to create a brochure about... I don't know what the purpose of a brochure is and therefore don't know what makes a good vs. a bad brochure!!"

Don't worry...The University of Nebraska-Lincoln did a great job explaining the purpose of a brochure:
"A brochure is an informational pamphlet or leaflet advertising a business, place, organization, product or service; you are selling something. Brochures are a great way to package information in a simple eye-catching design that attracts people to what you are selling by offering basic information (you want people to want to know more).

"A well-made brochure will grab the attention of the reader and provided needed information while inspiring the reader to take action."

Tips for creating professional-quality brochures:
  • How to create an Effective Brochure. From University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Look here first for concise tips when you must create a brochure…includes purpose of brochures. content, arrangement of information, how to evaluate a brochure’s quality (4 Page PDF).

  • 3 page PDF for creating brochure in Microsoft Office 2007.

  • 5 Minute Brochure Trash Test:
    Take just 5 minutes to discover if your brochure design will pass the trash test (will your audience read your brochure or just throw it away?. Score your brochure with a + or -. Very busy site but the central information is concise.

  • 10 Tips for Writing a Winning Brochure that Effectively Conveys a Message to Your Audience.

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