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Introduction to Presentations:

There are several different and meaningful ways that Foreman teachers ask their students to present the fruits of rigorous academic research. Each presentation method has its own unique benefits and limitations. Yet, once a presentation method has been decided upon the question of how to effectively complete the required task faces each student.

The Writing and Citation pages are the perfect resource for guiding students to the successful creation of formal academic papers (following traditional stylistic conventions) and the process of generating complete bibliographic citations.

However, often less formal (though equally valuable) presentation methods are used. These may include trifold poster-board presentations, PowerPoint presentations, and the creation of pamphlets.

Use menu to the right and connect to a wide variety of information related to the creation of such presentations. Each page is dedicated to ONE presentation style. You can use a single source as your model or synthesize information form different sources.

Our intention is to provide library users with an explanation of, guidelines for, and examples of, how to effectively create class presentation that demonstrate your ability to organize and clearly convey information in a variety of creative formats.

What NOT to do...BusinessWeek Magazine has identified the 10 WORST Presentation Habits...Look and learn!.